Analyzes your speech with AI,
Enabling remote cognitive assessment

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Why do we need "Spick"?


Global dementia cases
forecasted to triple by 2050


Early detection is a key to
dementia management


Need for a new screening tool for dementia,
with improved accessibility and accuracy

New approach on dementia detection

조기선별이가능한새로운바이오마커 이미지 조기선별이가능한새로운바이오마커 이미지
New biomarkers for Early detection
모바일기기기반비대면서비스 이미지 모바일기기기반비대면서비스 이미지
Approachable Mobile application
정교한인공지능알고리즘적용 이미지 모바일기기기반비대면서비스 이미지
Accurate AI algorithm

How “Spick” detects Dementia?

Distinctive features in voice and speech of dementia patients
Conventional Method

[Linguistic Analysis]

they speak

  • - Language dependent
  • - Results vary depending on evaluator’s skill
Spick's Method

[Acoustic analysis]

they speak

  • - Language independent
  • - arly detection even before cognitive decline

How Spick’s AI works?

피의자음성 다음 딥러닝알고리즘 다음 정상 경도인지장애 치매선별 피의자음성 다음 딥러닝알고리즘 다음 정상 경도인지장애 치매선별

What are the advantages of "Spick"?

Spick is easier, faster, and more accurate than
conventional dementia screening tests

You can access it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a mobile device

From testing to the result,
it takes about 10 minutes

The assessment is automatic
with AI technology

It’s user-friendly, empowering seniors
for independent use, anytime, anywhere

You can keep track of
your cognitive health with regular testing

With a mobile device, you can use it anytime, anywhere
Takes less than 10 minutes, from testing to results
Automated scoring system with AI analysis
Easy-to-use interface optimized for the elderly
Manage your diagnosis records conveniently with regular testing and monitoring